is BTL getting stale?

Buy-To-Let is the proverbial ‘bread and butter’ strategy of UK property investing.

… but is it getting stale?

For people watching the market from the sidelines, it can seem like BTL stands for ‘But Too Late’. The sentiment is understandable:

  • Prices are stubbornly high, and have been so for a while
  • Rates have gone up
  • Yield squeeze in some areas
  • Monied speculators abound (mo’ competition)
  • Section 24 (if applicable)
  • Scary geopolitical events that need not be named over the horizon
  • Inflationary vibes
  • Etc, etc

These ‘headwinds’ (as economists like to say) have attributed to these trends in UK property investing:

  1. Many legacy individual investors are exiting the market (and moving to Spain)
  2. Many would-be investors are, well, not investing
  3. Many professional investors are seeking greener, more niche pastures

It’s definitely a time of many changes. And whether this is a net benefit or loss would depend on your own position in the market.

However, the question “Is the BTL market getting stale?” is a bit of a rhetorical one.

‘BTL’, a.k.a ‘traditional property investing’ a.k.a ‘buying regular properties to lease out to regular people’, will never be permanently out of fashion.

It’s like the 7 loaves of bread that Jesus fed 4,000 with – it always comes back.

Stay epic,

Sam Lee

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