The Epic Property Investors Club is a real estate investment and new media company incorporated in the United Kingdom in 2018.

11 Principles

Honour the true king – Equity is the true king, and cash flow is the prince. All decisions are optimised for the total amount of created and acquired equity across the portfolio in the long term.

Look far and beyond – Always think long term, and consider unseen consequences beyond the immediate.

Dig a deep moat – Do the work up front and secure a margin of safety. Do not hunt a deal with no fat on the bone.

From mud to marble – Always add value and aim for excellence.

Have skin in the game – Invest our own capital into every project that we do. Do not ask others to venture where we dare not.

Share the round table – Give credit where credit is due. Always leave some on the table so that partners may return for the next feast.

Disregard the jester – Be contrarian. Don’t make decisions solely by listening to the market.

Trust but verify – Due diligence with sharp intelligence.

Heed the feathered creature – The Black Swan cannot be foreseen and strikes from behind. Stay ready so we don’t have to get ready.

Mind your own sword – Leverage is a double edged weapon. Use it with respect.

Real estate for real people – Always remember people behind the property. Serve them.


Keith Lawson

Born in Canterbury and educated in Sittingbourne, Kent in the United Kingdom. Keith is a former professional golfer, a member and ‘Fellow’ of the British PGA since 1985, and member of the European Tour in 1986 &1987. After moving to Asia in 1993, he was on the Board of Directors at the Mission Hills Group at age 33, the world’s largest golf resort in Shenzhen, China. He established JML Property Ltd with his now spouse, Juliet Risdon in 1993, and acts as the Managing Director of JML Property to the present day.

He saw an opportunity in 2003 after the SARS outbreak and started investing in properties through a privately owned investment company. With nearly 20 years of property investment and management experience, he now focuses on property investment in the UK market through EPIC.


Sam Lee

Born in South Korea but having moved to Macau SAR at age 11, Sam graduated at the International School of Macau (TIS). He then obtained a BBA (Business Economics) from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and a Master of Journalism (MJ) from the University of Hong Kong (HKU). After working as a corporate Sales Consultant for Meltwater, a California-based media intelligence company with a presence in Hong Kong, he joined JML Property in 2016. As a Management Trainee, he covered both property management and agency transactions in Macau. He started investing in UK properties in 2018 via Epic Property Investors Club Ltd.


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