A Resource for Real Estate Value Investors

Since its inception in the 1920’s by Professor Benjamin Graham of Columbia University, the philosophy and principles of Value Investing have been battle-tested and proven in the world of securities.

Our vision is to update, contextualise and apply these fundamental principles into real estate investing and share it with the widest audience possible.

Through the EPIC newsletter, we discuss the principles of Real Estate Value Investing through the lens of 3 building blocks below, and we want to share them with you. You will also have access to useful resources we share with our members and real-time updates of our development projects.

Learn the powerful principles of Real Estate Value Investing and build a portfolio that stands the test of time.

Personal Development: Any creation requires a willing and able creator. Nobody is born with the right tools and mindset to build a real estate empire – it’s acquired. Architecting your financial future demands constant personal development.

(Knowledge of) Real Estate Development: As with a physical structure, the fundamentals are often what’s the most important. The Lindy Effect says that for some ideas and technologies, mortality decreases with time, i.e – things that last, keep lasting. We believe this to be true for the fundamental laws of Real Estate Value Investing.

(Environmental) Knowledge Development: Nothing exists in a vacuum, and only things that adapt survive. Unless done through countless trial and error (not advised), adaptation is only possible with the proper knowledge of the environment you operate in and the systems and processes that govern it.